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Firewood Products

See below for options and pricing.  Contact us for any further information.  We accept Cash, Venmo, even Crypto!
Bulk Firewood
bulk firewood

We can provide delivery of orders from 1 cord to over 200.  We service both residential customers as well as retail supply stores.

Small Quantity 
Firewood Tote

We deliver any quantity from 1/3 cord up to full cords and any multiples thereof.  The same quantities are available for pickup by appointment only at our location.

Custom Firewood 

We can also create convenient bundles for you to use at home, or to be placed at any retail area to attract additional customers.  We provide a professional and aesthetically pleasing stand to house all the bundles along with minimal signage to not detract from your business.  Contact us for more details.

We deliver from Richfield, with access to several major highways.

Bulk Mixed Hardwood Firewood Pricing:



Full cord - $485/cord +delivery

1/2 cord - $250.00 +delivery

1/3 cord loose - $200.00 +delivery







Curbside Pickup Products:


Call to arrange self pickup of any quantity.

Bundled smoker hickory pieces - $20.00

Bundled smoker cherry pieces - $20.00

Self serve products available 24/7 :

Large crate weekend bundle -  $40.00 curbside pick up

Small crate weekend bundle - $30.00 curbside pick up


-All quantities from 1/3 cord totes up to full cords are available for pickup by appointment only.

Split & drying
2 cord load
We do NOT offer stacking service.  All our deliveries are dumped only.  Thank you!
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